Star Struck

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An introverted author falls for a B-list actor, and his skyrocketing fame transforms their lives.

Bestselling author Alison feels like a spectator in her own life. She’s moved to Los Angeles from a quiet Eastern town looking for success in the film industry. But she’s been plagued with disappointments, both professionally and personally—until she meets Justin.

When the struggling actor relentlessly pursues her, she reluctantly gives in, sure it will end in heartache. Promises don’t mean anything in Hollywood, and the pressure of the movie industry is notorious for destroying relationships. Their casual romance quickly binds them together in ways she never expected. As his career takes off, the tension between them builds, and she braces for goodbye. Will she let happiness slip away, or fight for the man she’s afraid to love?

This standalone short story has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

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Author: Artesian Well Publishing

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